Life is not fair #StopEbola #StopEbolaInNigeria

Often my kids look at me when I refuse them something and say life is not fair. I remember saying this myself not so long ago so I find it funny that the cycle continues. The past few weeks have seen me tweet about the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa and all I can think of is how unfair life is. These people who have so little and can least afford it are faced with such a devastating out break. So what can we do?
Well contrary to fraudulent pastors and other quacks, there is no cure and there is currently no vaccine so the only tools we have are prevention and information.

Here are a few of my Facebook statuses on Ebola

There are so many rituals that different groups all over Africa practice that expose people to blood and bodily fluids. Practice such as ritualized cutting increase the risk of Ebola, HIV and blood borne pathogens.

Ebola is not a curse from God, or caused by the health care workers. Ebola is a viral disease spread by contact with bodily fluids of infected people and animals. There is no cure but it can be prevented. Avoid bush meat and contact with blood and bodily fluids. If you suspect that you have Ebola, get help and so as not to spread it to others. Stop spreading rumors of a spiritual cure. Stop all cutting rituals. Stop sharing razor blades, needles or knives.

No be God cause Ebola. No be Oyinbo doctor bring am. Ebola na virus wey dey blood of monkey, bush meat and some person wey chop and kill de bush meat. De virus dey spread from the piss, stool, vomit, and spit. We fit stop Ebola, make you no de share blades and chop bush meat. Stop de cut-cuts. Make you no spread piss, stool, vomit and spit around. Ebola no get cure but we go stop am. Make we tell everyone wetin we fit do. If you sick go doctor and make you no give am to another person.


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