Mi o gba le ni

I was extremely hard headed as a child and an expression that I often used was “Mi o gba le ni.” This extremely potent expression when translated depending on the context means something like I will not agree today or I refuse to compromise not today or ever. As far back as I can remember I shouted this refrain at my cousins, parents, and siblings. All were fair game, I refused to bend because I was often right! Note that I said often not always. This stubborn streak has served me well over the years because I am a fierce defender of the underdog. It also served me well during the tedious 6 years of graduate studies, and over the past 21 years of research that have been punctuated more with failure than success. As I settle comfortably into my 4th decade and see the 5th inching closer to me, I have learned to temper my dogged determination with adequate reflection, so I finally arrive at decisions that I can live with and comfortably support with the saying mi o gba le ni. So I am always in awe when folks that know me best (Mommy, Daddy and siblings) even bother to attempt to change my mind once it’s made up. (My late grandma knew me best, she’d smile knowingly whenever I chanted mi o gba le ni).


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