Ebola in Dallas

So it was confirmed today that the suspect case in Dallas Texas is an Ebola case. While we cannot afford to panic, we cannot remain ignorant either. Yes we are not about to end up in a situation akin to a Stephen King story (a bad reference to “The Stand”) or could we? It is clear that the US has infrastructure that West African nations battling Ebola cannot even fathom but that is only a small part of the Ebola control equation. A major component is education and prevention and there needs to be a concerted effort to reeducate health care workers in basic hand hygiene and develop a better appreciation of preventative care. Every year almost 100,000 Americans die from hospital acquired infections many of which can be prevented by universal precautions and proper hygiene. So right now Ebola is limited to that one case in Dallas and the reality is that it is only a plane flight from most major cities in the world so it’s time to start rethinking and retraining.


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