The curious case of the anointed TBJ

A synagogue residential hall collapsed upon hundreds of evangelical Christians in Nigeria and over a hundred lives were lost. Families and friends are mourning from Nigeria to South Africa. Even Dr President Goodluck Jonathan (when will he go do the same at Chibok?) came to mourn and stand side by side with the prophet of the synagogue. The dead are dead and may they rest in peace Amen. The plot thickens as the prophet declared that he knew that his congregation would go through tragedies and difficult times. I believe him because this anointed prophet is like an arsonist who sets fires and predicts it would burn. Anyone surprised? Monumental buildings that are improperly constructed will collapse, surely the anointed ‘ s holy water could not collapse proof his building. The prophet needs our prayers not because he is pursued by satanic forces spearheaded by his critics as he claims. But because he has power, money and influence that is guiding the gullible to death, despair and ignorance. Many Christians are quick to claim ‘touch not my anointed’ but we need to be careful. We have seen ministers like Jim Jones, David Koresh, who ended up hosting mass deaths.
None of them are God. The cult of greed and egoistic, self-centered, self-serving, money amassing, prophesy is dangerous in so many ways. BTW I will pray for the anointed that he gets a new vision and keeps his jet of Ebola curing water out of Liberia unless he is sending some soap and bleach as well.

Please see below an image of the building, anyone surprised that it collapsed?



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