A time for reason

One of my favorite verses in the Bible forms the core of a Pete Seger song performed by the Bryds; “To Everything There Is a Season.” There is definitely a time for everything. Often in our quest to be the best or first we forget to act appropriately; akin to shouting “bomb” in a crowded airport, or a rookie cop shouting “gun”. The outcome will be predictable by a second grader. So why does the media persist in spreading half trusts and misinformation? The truth is out there, yet we prefer to act from ignorance, and we choose to panic rather than accept it. The energy wasted arguing and pointlessly creating fear is destructive and it is time to press the pause button. It is up to each of us to break down the BullS**t! Counter the crap. And refuse to allow ourselves to be swayed by the insanity. We all have brains after-all. Let’s just use a little bit of our brains.


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