Risk assessment

Every time I cross the road in Houston, I get nervous. I realize that the probability of being run over is quite high. No I am no paranoid, just a realist, aware of distracted drivers. I am also a very reluctant handshaker (is that a word)? So it must come as surprise to some that I am not afraid of flying with an Ebola patient. Why? First of all, I have no intention of exchanging body fluids with anyone on a plane. Secondly, several instances of symptomatic patients traveling by air without infecting any other passengers, made me realize that the risk is negligible. Of course I am not about to go on a cruise, not because of Ebola, but because of norovirus and a host of other problems associated with cruises. I am not afraid of Ebola because I know how difficult it is to catch Ebola. Yes Ebola is real, but instead of dousing myself in chocolate pudding and parading like an ass in inappropriate PPE like Glenn Beck, I can send some money to MSF or others at the front lines. I can also continue to dispel myths because misinformation is more dangerous than ignorance and #EbolaIsNotAdeathSentence.


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