@Pharrell, is being #malignedbymedia who never read the #Ebony article. http://www.ebony.com/entertainment-culture/pharrell-williams-talks-race-black-women-and-social-justice-cover-story/2#axzz3KN6BStbe

We live in an era where information travels by tweets and texts so fast your 15 minutes of fame is gone in 15 nanoseconds. Ok that’s an exaggeration. But there is no excuse for so called reputable media to misquote @Pharrell (Pharrell Williams) when the Ebony article is available with a simple google search. While I expect this behavior from certain online tabloids, the fact that mainstream media have embraced the same nonsense is scary. I am not sure what they are gaining from twisting his words and I do not want to speculate because some folks will then misquote me and accuse me of something else. Instead, I am attaching a link to the original story for those who have a brain and choose to read for themselves and refuse to embrace the noise and gabbage and sound bite. Remember misinformation is more dangerous than ignorance #PeaceandStayHappy http://www.ebony.com/entertainment-culture/pharrell-williams-talks-race-black-women-and-social-justice-cover-story/2#axzz3KN6BStbe


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