Omiyale (for Katrina victims)

Listen passively to toneless chants

Rituals beckon Olokun

Orunmila dashes in Opele in hand

But Olokun refuses to heed…

Vile ones offer

Supposed manhood

Virgins present their unborn

Still Olokun refuses to heed…

Canoe-raft-boat-river people

Drum supplicant

Frenzied dancers adore

Yet Olokun refuses to heed…

They walk away

Unheard, unanswered,

unignored, unseen,

Death extends his visits

And Olokun refuses to heed…

Excrement floats in her hair

Poison is her gift

Orphans embrace her unyielding arms

No, Olokun refuses to heed…

As the Mississippi flickers

releasing each restrained strand…


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