The OU SAE chant and strange fruit

When I saw the video of the SAE chant I was not shocked that the frat boys used the word N**R in a chant. But in what universe do privileged college students  think it’s ok to “hang someone from a tree” just because they do not want him to join their stupid fraternity? What’s so special about their fraternity anyway, do they shit in golden commodes? So two of the lead chanters have been expelled. The fraternity has also been kicked off OU campus. One of the expelled chaps has apologized, but his apology included a hollow attempt to make himself and fellow chanters victims that now require protection on campus?  But what lessons have been learned? Do these people know the history of lynchings and strange fruit that hung from Oklahoma’s trees not so long ago? Do these students know the history of OU and the state of Oklahoma and how firmly entrenched prejudices are in the law books? Or is it just a joke that only has consequences when they get caught? There was a bus load of college students actively chanting hateful words and they were enjoying themselves. They sang with the joviality of little kids singing London bridge is falling down. Imagine if a busload of black, or brown students had made a chant about  lynching whites who wanted to join their fraternity would any of them be ever allowed on campus? What lessons have been learned? These students are the future lawyers, judges, political leaders and professionals in Oklahoma? And their greatest creativity is in hanging a rejected pledgee from a tree because of his skin color.

Please listen to these two OU students in their own words. OU students march against racism


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