Working SMART!

A lot of my friends have been sharing a well written article with the gist that  telling your child they are smart is damaging to them and how it is better for them to praise their hard work and effort. If I was raising my children in Nigeria, I would agree with the writer. Unfortunately as a mother raising black girls in America, I WILL continue to praise my children’s intelligence.  Why? Because everyday they are bombarded with negative stereotypes telling them that they are not smart. Images that tell them that being black or female means not being capable of excelling in science and math. Images that tell them that the stereotypical African American child underperforms in every subject. My daughters know they are SMART because I remind them that despite anything others may say, they were gifted with intelligence. However my daughters also hear and see from me that being SMART means working smart.


One thought on “Working SMART!

  1. I tell my girls you are very smart everyday my second daughter says I am ok with B,s mom.i have complained mildly.somehow this term she has suddenly decided she wants A,s. Imagine my surprise, homework,research,sleeping early etc.
    has just become the evening ritual at home.
    I am holding my peace but I am absolutely impressed I must say.

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