Summer Research Experiences

One of the questions that I am asked most is “how do I get a paid summer internship?”
Most undergraduates understand the benefit of these programs yet do not know how/where to start. So I am going to post a few leads here for people that are interested.
1) Many schools including Johns Hopkins, Harvard, MIT, Baylor College of Medicine, Notre Dame, and other research universities have summer research experiences.

2) Typical deadlines for summer research programs are in December but some take applications till February.

3) I recommend that the students should visit the websites of local universities as many have programs. Also if they know which part of the country/world where they want to spend the summer a quick google search for “summer research” and the school name and will get a list of programs that the school offers.

4) The programs are competitive so I suggest that students apply to several so as to increase their chances. Students should try to go somewhere where they will get a good mentor who can help them with references in addition to providing the training to become a better researcher and scientist.

5) Here are other programs that pay for summer research for undergraduates. Some are less competitive than others and this list is far from exhaustive


Dakotas .
NIH programs
Cold Spring Harbor program
Other government programs:!

NSF link for REUs
Additional programs in Houston as follows:

Computational Cancer Biology Summer Program