Online shaming by parents is child abuse

There is a disturbing trend by some adults to post videos of them “discipling” kids online. They narrate the child’s infraction and then proceed to “punish” the child by verbally or physically abusing the child or humiliating or embarrassing the child. All of these parents claim they are doing it for their child, but I seriously doubt it. They come across as exhibitionists competing for hits off the shame of a child that did not consent to the public humiliation. In what universe is it OK to seek public adulation off the transgressions of your minor child? Even the government recognizes that youthful offenders need protection and typically do not publish their names and crimes, perhaps it is time to protect these children from these adults. If you want to punish your child do it within the confines of the law. Once you post videos that expose your kids to future ridicule, and can limit their career judgment is questionable.


Thank you Coach – Always stay hungry

Yesterday, at the dinner for the STM track team, their coach cried in front of the kids, as he said bye to the graduating 8th graders. This man truly loves and respects the kids.  He goes above and beyond for them, inspiring them to simply do their best and telling them “to always stay hungry.” This is a man that loves his job and inspires generations of kids in his alma mater. This man embraces the opportunity to inspire the kids and even dresses up as the mascot. He is a teacher and you all know how little they are paid, but he is richer than many people earning exponential times his income, as he makes the world better for each kid. Thank you coach Mouton.

Along party lines

If you are deathly sick and need major surgery do you ask your doctor for his or her political affiliation? Common sense dictates that you chose the most qualified surgeon that you can afford. What if your car or house needs extensive repairs, do you choose an incompetent contractor because he or she shares your religious or political beliefs? So why do we continue to elect idiots by voting  along party lines? Why are we electing incompetent sheriffs, school board members, land commissioners, tax assessors, etc based on their political parties? A treasurer should have the ability to do the job and at the primaries does it matter how many guns he or she owns? How dare we empower illiterate  people who have demonstrated clearly through their utterances that they have no clue about history, education or even basic mathematics with the power to determine educational curriculum? Folks we need to stop electing idiots. People complain about problems but do not take the time to vote at the local level. Some of these elections are determined by less than 100 votes. Apathy is not the answer nor is voting along party lines, do your homework and prevent the continued erosion of the collective intelligence of the next generation. Let’s stop electing idiots and choose the best candidates for each task.

Know your rights, get out to vote:

Cult/gang proofing our kids

A few parents have been on the news recently because their kids joined ISIL or other cults. The scary part is that the kids were just so regular and so average as were the families and we may be tempted to say it could happen to anyone. But as parents we can fight and prevent it. We can do something, anything and stop our kids from feeling so hopeless and easy prey to these cults. The first step to cult/gang proofing our kids is spending time with them and building up their individuality. They do not need the latest toys or gadgets as much as they need us. We can teach them to revel in their own quirks and let them know that stranger danger includes religious fanatics and gangs. We should tell them the truth about scary topics otherwise they will get their truth elsewhere. We must stop trying to make them fit in with others, celebrate their awkwardness, absurd humor and abstract art and music. We should let them develop their own voice and celebrate each assertive gesture. It’s so easy to blame the environment when we had at least 10 years to cult/gang proof our kids but failed because we were too busy chasing money, career or prestige.

Circadian clocks and umbilical cord

I have spent more than two thirds of my life in North America but I seem to function in a state of perpetual jet lag. However whenever I travel to Europe or Nigeria, I am never jet lagged. My working hypothesis is that my circadian has homed into the place where my umbilical cord is buried. I am not sure if it is in a landfill or was incinerated as part of the bio-waste from that hospital but somehow it beckons my body to obey it. Without fail I open my eyes at ungodly hours. I am more productive at hours more suited to someone living in Ibadan than Houston. What is my body trying to tell me? What has it been telling me for almost 3 decades? Will I ever listen?

You can never go back

Walking back through timeless music

Time travellers stuck in limbo

Refusing to grow up

Refusing to go forward

Footfalls of rehearsed dirges

Languishing in Déjà vu?

The past remains


We have walked this way before?

There is nothing left to say?

Is there anything left to do?

Anonymous credit

For unexpected penitents!

Things must remain unsaid.

2013-04-02 15.21.44

A prayer for Nigeria

Lord God forgive Nigeria we pray…

For injustice against minorities,

Lord God forgive Nigeria….

For religious intolerance

Lord God forgive Nigeria…

For child slavery, abuse, neglect and marriage

Lord God forgive Nigeria…

For religious leader who use you

To oppress the weak, vulnerable, or ignorant

Lord God forgive Nigeria…

For Biafra war

Lord God forgive Nigeria…

For Dele Giwa, Ken Saro Wiwa, Bola Ige

And others whose blood spilled needlessly

Lord God forgive Nigeria….

For the Aluu 4 and countless,

Nameless others lynched senselessly

Lord God forgive Nigeria…

For ritual murders,

Lord God forgive Nigeria…

For valuing money over life

Lord God forgive Nigeria…

For our so called leaders

who refuse to #bringbackourgirls

 #stopBokoHaram or #stopNTDs

Lord God forgive Nigeria…

For choosing death instead of life,

War instead of peace,

Intolerance instead of love,

O Lord God forgive Nigeria

and grant us the courage to do likewise!

2014-09-20 12.17.30