Evidence speaks: Grades matter.

When my daughter started kindergarten, she refused to do her assignments and tests. She said the work was too easy and she had done the  work in her Montessori preschool. She asked me why she was expected to do “baby work”? She complained about being bored in class. She  could not understand why she was expected to be working on three letter words and vowel sounds when she could read? This is a child who chose to make a model “icosahedron” as a two year old since she needed a shape that started with “I”. So I felt for her and so I listened to her complaining about everything, from the math classes to spelling tests… When she was done speaking, I told her that I understood that she was frustrated. My next words to her shocked me, I asked her “how do your new teachers know how much you know if you refuse to show them on the tests and assignments?” I agreed with her that she was smart and hardworking and she needed to always let her work show what she knows. We had this conversation almost 8 years ago and I think this was the best 30 minutes I ever invested in her academic career. She bought into the idea that people need evidence to believe you. Yes the work is still too easy for her (ok I still need to refresh her memory regularly and she has her limits), but that is another story, however no one can out work her even on “baby work”.